I AM Campaign x Denisa Piatti Jewellery

The I AM Campaign is inspired by the fact that what makes you different makes you beautiful. We invited 11 women, our real customers, to model some of our newest pieces from the Seaweed Collection in a photo shoot. They each chose their own pieces, and were asked to share one word that describes them: "I Am ____." 

Here are their stories.


Sylvia is someone who embraces the world and lives life fully. She pursued her childhood dream to move to Paris to work in fashion after finishing college, and the experience changed her forever. She learned not only about style, but about what the French call l’art de vivre…the art of living. She is now based in Washington, DC, but she hasn’t given up her sartorial penchant or the pursuit of a well-lived life.

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Caroline is originally from Germany and holds a high, painstakingly achieved position at an international institution. She fell in love with our Winged Seaweed earrings which travel with her in each and every journey. Her enthusiasm about Denisa Piatti Jewelry has been the most inspiring and encouraging.

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South African with Australian, English, Scottish and Indian heritage - that's Tracy. Avid reader, connoisseur of good food, strong mother and a curious student of the world. Our initial friendship grew into a strong sisterhood that has been one of the most fundamental pillars of our brand. She keeps us motivated and persistent. Our Seaweed Studs with colored accents are inspired by her.

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When one meets Alison, you are immediately drawn by her infectious smile and positive energy. Her love of family, fashion, and music all come together in her beautiful blog Wardrobe Oxygen. Through her writing, Alison hopes to help all women realize how gorgeous they are and to find the style that works with their life, their figure, and their soul.



Since Yen left her home in Malaysia, she has lived in and visited numerous countries. Yen has a strong career as a financial specialist and is passionate about arts and everything new. She purchased the very first pair of our Bit Cluster Seaweed earrings in the early beginnings of the collection.

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Sydney is a former ballet dancer and our very first customer when we launched in Washington, DC. Her then boyfriend, to be husband, commissioned a set as a surprise present. Later, we designed her engagement ring. Sydney and her husband have been our cheerleaders from the very first day we met. 

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Sirine is from Lebanon and has always pursued with determination her career as a financial analyst. We connected last year, when she commissioned a piece for herself and one for her sister. It has been a strong connection ever since. 

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Victoria took notice of Denisa Piatti Jewellery while she was on the hunt for the latest fashion trends. On top of her full-time career as a successful lawyer, she shares her love of fashion through her style blog. Victoria is bold and unafraid of making a statement with jewelry, hence the custom made choker created just for her.



Kyrgyz-born Bermet is one of our most enthusiastic clients and has been with us since the early beginnings. Her strong, artistic sensibilities inspired the creation of custom, one-of-a-kind pieces for her. Her encouragement and positive support have contributed to the magic behind Denisa Piatti Jewellery.

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Anne is someone who always shows support and love for our brand. In addition to a life-long career as a librarian, she has a beautiful voice that she celebrates by participating in a singing group and Balkan choir. Ann is a proud owner of several pieces and is not shy to own her look.

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Mahsa left Iran years ago to call Washington, DC, her home. She discovered us by coincidence and we connected instantly. One of our statement necklaces found a home with her. She juggles two demanding jobs, but she never ceases to amaze by her endless amount of energy and love of life. 

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I am Denisa, the face behind Denisa Piatti Jewellery. It is these women and the rest of the Denisa Piatti Jewellery community that inspire me each and every day. The motto of my life? "Just keep going."

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