The Philosophy

Denisa Piatti Jewellery was founded with a mission to illuminate the beauty of non-precious materials with precious, traditional craftsmanship. Contrasting precious with non-precious materials encourages you to question what precious really means.

All pieces are designed and handcrafted in Washington, DC.

The Influence

While growing up in Slovakia, Denisa was strongly motivated and shaped by her parents. Denisa watched her father work with his hands, transforming ordinary things like branches and found objects into works of art. Her attention to detail and process was influenced by her mother, a Pharmacist. As a child, she was mesmerized watching her mom mix chemicals, measure, and package capsules.

The Training

Her parents saw and nourished Piatti’s growing interest in art at a young age. Her father, who was never permitted to attend art school, encouraged her to choose her own path and commit to it 100%. At age 16, after a rigorous two-day entrance examination, she was only 1 of 7 students accepted into a prestigious art school to study the craft of jewellery making. Piatti completed 8 years of study in jewelry making in Slovakia and Scotland.


Denisa worked with a women’s empowerment project in Zanzibar, Tanzania, teaching women to make jewelry from local resources.

Denisa saw the process of how women harvested seaweed. She was intrigued by the shapes, taking photos and making sketches.

A collection was born.



Explore the design, inspiration and craftsmanship that brings preciousness into every piece