My vision is to redefine the meaning of handmade, and to educate others in the value of time, process, and tools behind crafting jewelry.

Illuminating the beauty of non-precious material by using precious, traditional craftsmanship. 

From her Washington, DC studio, Denisa Piatti founded Denisa Piatti Jewellery with a mission to illuminate the beauty of non-precious material by using precious, traditional craftsmanship. Although she uses some precious metals and stones, such as pearls, she uses them as a vessel to accompany unconventional materials such as acrylic plastics. Contrasting precious with non-precious materials allows the viewer to question what precious really means – in jewelry and most importantly in life.



While growing up in Slovakia, Denisa has always shown interest in arts and craft, anything that would keep her hands occupied.

She was strongly motivated and shaped by her parents. Denisa watched her father work with his hands, transforming ordinary things like branches and found objects into works of art. Her attention to detail and process was influenced by her mother, a Pharmacist. Since being a small child, she was mesmerized by her mom mixing chemicals, measuring, and packaging capsules.

Her parents saw and nourished Piatti’s growing interest in art at a young age. Her father, who was never permitted to attend art school, encouraged her to choose her own path and commit to it 100%.  At age 16, after a rigorous two-day entrance examination, she was only 1 of 7 students accepted into a prestigious art school to study the craft of jewellery making. Piatti completed 8 years of study in jewelry making in Slovakia and Scotland.


100% dedication to the craft

Traditional skills and processes executed to the highest level

Production in small batches

Designing and making with our hands

Making art wearable and accessible